Shopify Integration

Integrate your Shopify website with the Aurpay Crypto Payment Gateway.

Signup for Aurpay

Sign up for an Aurpay Merchant Account. After completing onboarding, you’re ready to start accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Step 1:Create an App in Shopify.

In the Shopify dashboard, open “Settings”.

Open “Apps and sales channels”. Then Click “Develop apps”.

And “Create an app”, name it as "AURPAY".

Click “Configure Admin API scopes”

Enable these access and Save:

write_draft_orders,  read_draft_orders
write_orders,        read_orders
write_order_edits,   read_order_edits

Scroll up and “Install app”, then copy your "Shopify API key", "Admin API access token".

Step 2:Grant API access in Aurpay Merchant Dashboard & Finish Checkout Settings in Shopify.

Copy and paste the "Shopify Admin API access token", "Shopify API key" and your domain. Click "Connect to Shopify"

Copy and paste the Script to Shopify checkout

Go to Shopify checkout

Paste the Script in "Additional scripts" and Save.

Step 3:Add Aurpay payment method in Shopify.

Add and activate a payment method with the name "Aurpay Crypto Payment", in the Shopify dashboard.

Go to "Add a Manual payment method" -> "Create custom payment method"

Congratulations! You are ready to accept Crypto Payments on your Shopify store.

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