1. Create an Invoice

Create and send your customer a payment link so they can pay directly.

Enter the fiat amount, the cryptocurrency type you want your customer to pay, customer email.

Once the Invoice is created, you can share the payment link with your customer to "SHARE"

3. Void your invoice

You can void this Invoice, after the Invoice is voided, the payment link will no longer be available.

4. Invoice type

Invoice TypeNotesOperations


  1. The invoice is just created.

  2. You can share a payment link with your customer.

3. Valid for 7 days.

SHARE: share payment link with others.

VOID: Close this invoice, the payment link is no longer valid.


The invoice is paid by your customer, you can no longer share the payment link.


The invoice is closed, you can no longer share the payment link.


The invoice is past due.

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